U.S.-Russia Relations

U.S.-Russian relations are currently suffering from distrust and misperception on both sides, a fundamental obstacle that Obama’s ‘reset’ could not address on its own. Instead of focusing on mutual interests, the two countries tend to favor short-term policy fixes to individual crises. This program works towards a mentality shift, encouraging both governments to consider where they want to be by the year 2040 and providing practical ideas regarding the steps they can take to get there. An expert task force on this ongoing project will identify a menu of scenarios for this bilateral relationship, asking such questions as, what will the two countries look like in 2040? What potential obstacles might arise in the relationship over the next quarter century? Which contingencies are most likely, and what might their outcomes be? In answering these questions, the program tries to construct a drastically new agenda based on a revised understanding of national interests and emerging global realities.