February 4, 2014
Center on Global Interests, 10th Floor, 1050 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC

The last two months have been an increasingly tumultuous time for Ukraine, following President Yanukovych’s decision not to sign the negotiated Association Agreement with the EU in November. The nation, caught between Europe and Russia, is experiencing new heights of upheaval, and what began as a debate between pro-EU and pro-government factions has become a fight over the country’s deep-rooted domestic issues.

One week after the EU-Russia summit, CGI hosted a panel with Dr. Matthew Rojanksy, Director of the Kennan Institute, and Dr. Oksana Nesterenko, visiting Fulbright-Kennan scholar, to discuss the implications of the opposition movement both on Ukraine itself and on a more broad geopolitical scale. During the panel discussion, moderated by CGI President Nikolai Zlobin, both speakers agreed that the situation is more than just a street protest – Ukraine is facing the very real possibility of descent into a disastrous situation.